Thursday, 19 March 2009

The walk home - 19th March 09

You will never see the best shot of this...

... because I wasn't quick enough on the draw. The best shot (IMO), had the old woman just where she was, but with a look of surprise on her face and her hand over her mouth... Aw well, close but no cigar.

Anyway, the context is that this is apparently how the water quality tests are done. The tap is turned on to maximum, a bottle of water is taken, and the tap left running while the engineer runs and records the tests inside his van, just out of shot.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Slovakia - scenery, skiing and a little girl being angry at the hotel.

The above two are some shots that just about worked. I was trying to track skiers as they whizzed past me - stood outside, high shutter, high iso in the breaktimes I had in the conference.

Some landscapes which come out crisper than the rest (still handheld, Im afraid) and a little girl who was happily telling a stanchion of the hotel that whatever it was doing, it was doing it wrong :)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Cropping an earlier photo

I tend to just put up what I take, with only the usual post processing of white-balance, exposure, etc but for this photo, I wished I had a zoom lens, so I've cropped it and uploaded this new version. What do you reckon?

(Cropped from:

Night shots

Some nighttime shots taken Friday, 13th March while I walked back into town from work.

Just one photo from 12th March lunchtime...

And this was it... meh, clich├ęd.

Snapping the Tourists

Just sat on a bench to eat my sandwich, by the Martyr's memorial in Oxford, and a group of malaysian(?) tourists came past and set up their shot. So... I took a few shots of them :)

I like the expression of the woman in the second photo too!